Pop Music gets Another Incredible Voice.

We know the radio can always use genuine talent, this new artist has a voice that you need to have in you favorite heartbreak song.

To be a male pop star these days requires you to have at the very least a unique element to your voice and this new music artist Spencer Sutherland definitely has that crossed out on his list.

In the most unexpected way, his voice will surprise you and cut through a song right to your bones. He has covers on YouTube ranging from the popular and soulful Sam Smith tune “Stay With Me,” to singing the difficult rhythm of rapper Iggy Azalea “Fancy-” and he does them both justice. He is well equipped with riffs and melisma just as much as he is with great vibrato and a smoky- yet clear and strong tone. On his YouTube page he features “Female Friday,” where every friday he takes requests and he covers the song chosen by the viewer.

Here is a cover of Meghan Traitor’s “All About That Bass.”

When it comes to his original music- on the performance of “Heart Strings,” he sticks to popular music genre while taking the sound to the next level with his voice. Who would have known that a small town out side of Columbus Oho would yield such an incredible fresh new artist for popular music?

He has attracted Grammy winning song writers/producers like Andreas Carlsson, Andreas Oberg, Johnny Andrews and Jerry DePizzo so expect to hear some catchy and unforgettable tunes that he is recording for his EP. If you don’t want to wait for radio play, you can catch him with EMBLEM3 for the “Forever Together Tour.”

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