To Get in Our Featured Artist Section

Before you send an email, increase your chances of a Music Speaks Feature by emailing the below information.

1. Provide a short bio

2. Who produced your songs?

e.g. produced by John Smith (Adele, Mumford & Sons, and Taylor Swift).
e.g. produced our material with a local engineer
e.g. produced by upcoming producer/engineer who has worked in the studio with Lady Gaga, Paramore, and Taylor Swift

3. How many records have you released?

e.g. we released one record and 2 EP’s
e.g. we never released an official album or EP, we just posted songs on streaming sites and currently sell them on iTunes

4. When was the latest release? (include month and year)

e.g.Our latest release was March 31st, 2013

5. Include a ‘streaming link’ to the track that we need to listen to.

6. List the venues where you typically perform.

e.g. we usually perform at the Mercury Lounge in NYC
e.g. we have a string of dates with Taylor Swift
e.g. we don’t have current shows booked, but we have shared the stage with Gaslight Anthem, Imagine Dragons, and Kelly Clarkson.

7. Please provide any notable highlights

e.g. we had songs featured in MTV ‘The Hills’ and ‘Jersey Shore’
e.g. we can pack in 100 people at our local club and we have a feature on PureVolume.
e.g. we have received 1,000 YouTube plays in a couple of days
e.g. we don’t have any highlights, we are a new band on the scene.

8. Send 3-4 vertical length high definition press photos and one horizontal length high definition feature photo.

9. Include contact information and website URL ( band contact, management, lawyer, booking or press contact)

10. Have you showcased for a music label? (Yes or No)

11. (Bands only) Who are the band members and what do they play?

12. Provide a link to a music video.

13. Email to:

14. Follow O-TOWN MUSIC GROUP on Facebook to increase your chances of success of building an artist career.

To Get in Our Event Calendar

1. Include band name and website/Facebook page URL.

e.g. Lee Tayler


2. Include venue name and full address.

e.g. Dandelion Communtea Cafe

e.g. 618 N. Thornton Ave, Orlando Fl 32803

3. Include date and time.

e.g. August 8th, 2014

e.g. Doors at 8pm, Music starts at 9pm

4. Include if the event is all ages, 18+ or 21+ only.

5.  Include ticket price and link. If the event is free just write free event.

e.g.  Free event

6. Email to:


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